These are the overall rankings about B-daman and B-dabattle's.Thispage shows the top B-daplayers and levels of B-daman obtainable.

B-daplayer RankingsEdit

1.LeoneMaster and Demon Wolf-500 points

2.FrozenLeo and ???-250 points

3.RenKrawler17 and ???-200 points


Level 1 B-daman (0-1000 points)

-Zero System B-daman

-You must Begin with a Level 1,no exceptions

-Stats up to 50

-2 Special Attacks

Level 2 B-daman (1000-2000)

-Zero or Basic Blaster Core System(Delta,Roller,and Balance Cores only) B-daman

-Strike Shots inabled

-Stats up to 100

-4 Specials

Level 3 B-daman (2000-3000)

-Zero,and Blaster Core System(including Drive,Bearing Cores,etc.)

-2 Strike Shots (same or different) enabled

-stats to 150

-5 Specials

-Level 4 B-daman (3000-4000)

-Zero,Blaster Core,and Cartridge system.

-3 Strike Shots (same or different) enabled

-stats to 200

-8 Specials

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