Shiro Sakamoto
Basic Information
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Age 14
  • B-Shot
  • 1st Guardian of Zion
B-Daman Sonic=Seiryuu
Love Interests

Kanako Shigami

Japanese Voice Actor Banjo Ginga
English Voice Actor David Gallagher

Shiro Sakamoto is the main protagonist of B-Daman AgeX, and a protagonist in B-Daman Years. He is calm and collected, but after her sister, Ayano Farsia's death, he plotted revenge on Zion by joining them and pretend to kill WBMA.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Granted a high IQ (Intelligence Quota) of 240, Shiro is a highly gifted and well educated person. He is also a gifted B-Shot, able to sense the strategies of his opponents.



Ayano SakamotoEdit

Kanako ShigamiEdit

Kamon GodaiEdit

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